Metal Level-spray Oscillator 3,800 sq. ft.

50983 Level-spray Oscillator

  • Eco friendly sprinkler reduces water usage by up to 25%
  • DuoCyll ™ motor technology reduces wind exposure by up to 40%
  • Tri-channel spray tube with 20 PRECISION FLOW™ spray jets for superior water distribution and coverage
  • Slower oscillation speed maximizes water soak-in and minimizes
    water run-off
  • Rectangular spray pattern up to 3,800 ft2 (60 ft x 64 ft)
  • Premium heavy-duty metal base with soft overmold grips
  • Metal swivel coupling with ergonomic grip
  • Turbo-Heart™ drive ensures even and consistent distribution of water
  • Anti-clog spray jet cleaning tool included