Nelson® offers an extensive line of connectors, parts and accessories that solve those little challenges
you may encounter when connecting and using watering equipment. A wide array of shut-off adapters,
end-caps, seals and washers and quick connectors help you maintain your connections for worry-free
watering and quick, convenient access.
Single Shut-Off Adapters
Improved access to faucets that
are difficult to reach or are in
tight spots
End Caps
Handy backups for sprinklers with
series connections or anywhere you
need to close off water flow.

Dual Shut-Off Adapter
Just the thing when you need to
water in two locations at once.
Quarter turn valves provide easy,
individual shut-off and eliminate
knuckle scraping.

Restore the water-tight seal to
leaky connections on hoses,
nozzles, sprinklers or any equipment
with standard garden-hose couplings.
Manifold Adapters
Connect up to four hoses at once.
Quarter-turn shut-offs let you
control flow to each hose.

Quick Connectors
Attach and detach hose in an
instant with watertight connectors
in plastic or brass.