Spray Nozzles

When it comes to watering by hand or cleaning with water, Nelson covers all
your bases in style. We offer spray nozzles and wands in almost any shape,
size and configuration imaginable – light duty or industrial, basic or advanced,
easy to use and comfortable grip.
Twist Nozzles
The simplest nozzles for
the most powerful jet spray
or a softer cone like pattern.

Adjustable Spray Nozzles
An array of configurations
materials and designs, in the
basic pistol style or the
ergonomic Smart Grip™.

Watering Wands
Extended reach for careful
watering of delicate plants and
those that are difficult to access.
Multi-Pattern Nozzle
Selectable spray patterns for
a variety of watering and
cleaning jobs.

Industrial Nozzles
Durable, powerful tools for
tough cleaning jobs in
commercial, industrial and
home applications.


Fan Spray Nozzles
A broad pattern and a
soft rain-like spray for
gardens and potted plants.