Hose Repair

Don’t just assume that a hose with a crushed coupling or damaged tubing cannot be salvaged. We offer easy, inexpensive repair solutions to give those damaged hoses new life. Our newest innovation is a compression-fit kit – you don’t even need tools to use it!
A cost-effective, lightweight option,
available for splice repairs or
replacements of damaged couplings.
Worm Gear Clamp
Solid, machined-brass couplings
attach to the hose end with a
standard worm-gear clamp.
Brass/Nylon & Brass/Metal
Just the thing when you need to water in
two locations at once. Quarter-turn valves
provide easy, individual shut-off and eliminate
knuckle scraping.

Replacement male and
female couplings with
corrugated inserts. Available
for standard-sized hoses.

Compression Fit
No tools required. Compression fit
kits are incredibly easy to use for
coupling replacements or
splice repairs.

Brass Pipe & Hose
Connect standard garden hose
to male and female pipe fittings
or another hose.