Every yard is different, which is why Nelson® offers the tools to keep lawns of all shapes and sizes green and
healthy. Oscillating, pulsating, rotary, traveling, whirling and stationary sprinkler varieties available for each of
your unique watering applications.

Oscillating Sprinklers
The most popular sprinkler
stylefor decades running. Even
coverage for rectangular lawns
in a wide range of lengths
and widths.

Traveling Sprinklers
The classic yellow tractor that
goes wherever you lay the hose.
Nothingcovers more ground with
less effort.

Rotary Sprinklers
The quiet alternative to pulsating
sprinklers. A circular spray pattern
generated by the new
AquaDrive™ motor

Whirling Sprinklers
A swirling spray generated by
three spinning arms. Soft rain-like
coveragefor smaller areas.

Pulsating Sprinklers
The sprinkler known for that familiar
pulsating sound. A circular spray
pattern for medium to large yards.

Stationary Sprinklers
The simplest of sprinklers,
designed to cover gardens and
small areas. Single or multiple
spray patterns available.