Oscillating Sprinklers


2,250 sq. ft.
Plastic Turbo-Heart® Oscillator
2,750 sq. ft.
Plastic Turbo-Heart® Oscillator
3,000 sq. ft.
Plastic Turbo-Heart® Oscillator
3,250 sq. ft.
Rezimar™ Turbo-Heart® Oscillator
3,500 sq. ft.
Metal Turbo-Heart® Oscillator

Level-Spray Sprinklers

Level-spray sprinklers raise water conservation to an art form. DuoCyll™ motor technology and a tri-channel spray tube reduce the height of the spray in the middle of the oscillation so the water is less exposed to wind and less likely to end up where it shouldn’t. A 20% slower oscillation speed improves absorption and reduces puddling while PrecisionFlow™ jets enhance distribution and coverage.

3,400 sq. ft.
Level-Spray Oscillator
3,600 sq. ft.
Rezimar™ Level-Spray Oscillator


One oscillating sprinkler with three dramatically different coverage options. The TripleSpray™ can water wide expanses, narrow strips, and those in-between sections with equal efficiency. A simple twist of the spray tube lets you spray with 20 jets, 12 jets or only 6 jets to cover areas ranging from 56 feet down to 8 feet in width. And an innovative drive design ensures that no gears will be stripped when the tube is twisted.

3,750 sq. ft.
Rezimar™ TripleSpray™
3,750 sq. ft.
Oscillator Metal
Plastic Turbo-Heart® Oscillator