RainScapes™ Landscape Watering System

50180 RainScapes Watering System

  • Ideal for landscaped areas and gardens
  • Customize to your planting layout
  • Includes 50 feet of tubing, 5 spray nozzles,
    10 risers, 5 half-circle nozzle adaptors,
    5 tubing hold-down stakes, and 8 goof plugs
  • Adjustable spray nozzles for up to 12’
    diameter coverage
  • Self-piercing spike is easier to install than
    competitive units
  • Easy set-up in 15 minutes or less
Custom watering to shape around your garden area.
Lay out main line tubing Insert spikes near plants Insert main line tubing
into outlet base and screw
in cap to pierce tubing
Add risers for tall plant Attach nozzles twist to
adjust spray distance

Attach nozzles; twist to
adjust spray distance