About Us

Making Yard Work Look Easy

Nelson is a brand that is driven by a spirit of constant, purposeful innovation. The oscillating
sprinkler that adjusts to cover three different widths of lawn. The rotating sprinkler that matches the contours
of an irregularly shaped yard so you can set it in one location and get perfect coverage without waste.
The traveling sprinkler that shuts itself off so you can walk away and forget it. If there’s a way we can help
your customers accomplish more in less time, we’re determined to find it.

Conserving Precious Resources in the Process

Like our customers, we also want to do our part for the environment. We’re always looking for new ways to help
them conserve resources. Take for example the new AquaDrive™ technology that keeps oscillating sprinklers in
constant motion to prevent wasteful puddling, or consider the timers and landscape watering systems that make
it possible to distribute water more precisely and avoid overwatering. With our products your customers can help
to save the planet and save money on their water bill while they’re at it.

A History of Innovation

Among the first sprinkler manufacturers in the United States. Nelson has been in the watering industry since 1911,
After nearly a hundred years, we’re still driving the industry with innovative products for lawns and gardens.

A Wealth of Products

Every watering consumer is a little different. Applications vary widely, and so do tastes, preferences and price sensitivities.
Nelson has always striven to understand the needs and desires driving your customers’ choices and provide a range of
products to meet them all. Partner with Nelson, and you can provide your customers almost any tool they want to
distribute, apply and conserve water around their homes.